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Book a party band for a wedding with the best cost and prices around.The cost to have a band for a wedding  is affordable with bands like Blue Silk band from Memphis Tn.To get the best cost to hire a band for your wedding all you need to do is give us your details.We know how expensive it is to have a nice wedding and most people need a break.Book this band now. $1000-$5000 packages.

No Booking Agency Fees * Excellent Live Band * Super Hot DJ mixes included!!!


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 Book a band for a wedding that knows how to entertain everybody at the wedding reception or party!!!Other bands can't rock it like Blue Silk Band!!!During the night you'll hear everything from "Motown,Pitbull,Usher,Bruno Mars,Taylor Swift,Maroon 5,Elvis,Jackson 5,Rihanna,Bruno Mars,Beyonce,Justin Timberlake,The Weekend,Arianna Grande,Flo Rida,Kesha,Louis Armstrong,Frank Sinatra,Mcklemore and Ryan,Beatles,Rolling Stones,Adele,Backstreet Boys,Selena Gomez,Outkast,Clean Bandit,John Legend,Lil Jon,The Isleys,Whitney Houston,Sister Sledge,Journey,Ed Sheeran and much more!!!Book this band for your wedding today before it's too late.Reserve and book them now.

 "We Guarantee A Fun And Entertaining Wedding Reception-Party!!!" 

           Affordable Band Booking Prices. Best Band To Book Ever!!                  

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How Much Do Bands Cost For Weddings

Bands cost for weddings depends on two basic things. 1.If you'll hire the band through a band booking agency or 2. Choose to contact the band direct which is less expensive and one of the best ways to save money on a wedding.The average cost to hire a band by using a band booking agency are:duo groups will usually be around $350 to $650 for the ceremony and/or small weddings,4-5 member bands will average around $2000-$2500,6-8 member bands will average $3500 to $6000,and 9 members and up can average anywhere between $6000 to $30,000 depending on their popularity,travel expense,etc. On the other hand contacting a band direct is less expensive because there are no booking commissions since you are choosing to hire the band direct.The money you save by booking a band direct will usually be between 15-20 percent to upwards of 35-40 percent on average depending on the agency and their agreement with the band. The best way to hire a band directly is to do a search for bands in your area.Most bands will have a personal website and contact information online.You can even listen and watch live bands at weddings on most band websites.Some bands that work with agencies may still be able to do their own bookings as well.One thing to keep in mind is that band entertainment agencies try to send out great quality bands and musicians so the odds of you getting a band that's not entertaining is usually doubtful and an agency is a sure way to feel confident about your wedding reception band.There are also excellent live bands for weddings that you can contact directly online that are amazing wedding bands and know how to keep the dance floor packed at weddings.If you have a wedding budget that will allow you to hire a band entertainment agency to find a great band for you,chances are you can be pretty sure the music will be nice.However if you are getting married and want to find a way to have the best wedding on a budget it's a great idea to find bands for weddings online that can work with you and your wedding budget to help you save money on your wedding.In many cases hiring a band direct means you'll be getting the same exact band without the agency expense added.Some of the best bands for weddings only work with brides and couples direct not because they have anything against band agencies but because they understand that couples and brides have one special day and they want to make it as perfect as possible while keeping the wedding expenses on a budget.Booking a band direct is how to save money on a wedding.

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                               How To Raise Money At A Wedding

Here are two really easy ways to raise money at at wedding.
1.Have your band or DJ play a money dance song.This is where the band or DJ plays an ongoing song and people at the wedding reception give the bride money as they dance with her while the money dance song is being played.Brides will usually let everybody know early that there will be a money dance song so that people will know to bring extra cash in support of the couples marriage and honeymoon.Some people will be generous because of the occasion and the mood.
2.Negotiate with the band or DJ about the time they play.Discuss hiring them for 4 hours but ask them if you decide to change it to 3 hours during the wedding reception if they would be willing to take an hour less pay for not playing the extra hour.Whether you book the band for 3 hours or 4 hours discuss when you hire them the matter of playing for 1 hour less and if so would they accept an hour less in pay.Most bands will usually agree as long as you discuss it up front.Depending on the agreement between you and the band shaving an hour off the band time could mean saving anywhere between $400 to upwards of $6000 depending on the band and their price for playing your wedding reception.This is a realistic and very easy way to raise money at a wedding.

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